What Hooven-Dayton Offers:

A full complement of label applications including:

• Leading-edge label products
• Packaging and specialty printing products that fit specific needs or environments
• Sequential and manipulated text (variable data)
• Custom graphic enhancement applications including: cold foil transfer, hot foil stamping (solid or holographic foils), cast and cure, rotary screen printing, spot varnish (matte and gloss finishes), embossing, special laminates, and die cuts
• Convenient rolls, sheet and fan/fold pin-fed forms

Our Products

Our extended Products list includes but is not limited to:

Specialty Printing

Hooven Dayton offers a wide variety of specialty printing products including:

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels---We produce pressure sensitive labels used in retail markets requiring superior graphics that may be enhanced by special inks and varnishes, foil stamping, and ten color printing.
  • Variable Data Labels---Variable data printing enables you to gang-run a family of labels or offer personalization. If you have multiple products that have the same labeling needs except for a few lines of text, variable data printing provides a cost-efficient solution. And, if you want to offer personalization or targeted messaging, Hooven Dayton can provide you with the technology to connect with your customers. 
  • Scratch-and-Sniff Labels--- Nothing provides customers with a greater sense of a product than having them scratch a label to get the fragrance of the product inside the package. Hooven Dayton can formulate almost any fragrance and encapsulate it in a label for promotion or on package delivery.
  • Extended Text Coupon Labels---Also called booklet labels, this offering enables manufacturing suppliers to offer more detailed information for the consumer including instructions, safety tips or required disclosure information.
  • On-Pack Coupons--- Labels with coupons can be printed and incorporated into product packaging. On-pack coupons are a terrific tool for building market share or introducing new products.
  • Inserts---Inserts are often used to package consumer products such as detergents and home use products. These pieces not only help present your merchandise but can also be used to add important product information and usage information. Inserts are also used in conjunction with clamshell packaging to help provide product visibility and brand identification in the marketplace.
  • Short-Run Flexible Packaging---Hooven Dayton prints and converts on unsupported films with a caliper of greater than 1 mil. Many industrial and beverage producers use this packaging to help the label conform to a uniquely shaped container.
  • Casino & Racetrack Tickets---We are one of the top three producers of ticket-in, ticket out (TITO) tickets for coinless casino slot machines and video lottery terminals (VLT) for both U.S. and international markets. We offer quality assurance with our in-house testing capabilities on actual gaming terminals.
  • Lotteries---We have been the sole supplier of paper consumables (bet slips & receipt rolls) to the Ohio Lottery for over 20 years. Our variable information printer which offers sequential numbering also reduces counterfeiting and fraud. 
  • Special Inks—By using thermochromatic inks which can change color of graphics with pressure or heat, we create that special feature that promotes an easier buy decision. Some special inks can also be used as a security feature by having it invisible to the naked eye or revealing a message only under a special light.
  • Security—HDC is a secure facility that offers a range of anti-counterfeiting measures including: copy stop; watermarks; thermochromatic, bichromatic and black light inks; and optical brighteners.

Service and Technology

We take pride in serving customers with a variety of needs. Our offerings include:

  • Label design
  • In-house digital plate-making
  • Consultation on paper film stock, dies, inks, & coatings
  • Inventory management
  • Special die-cuts
  • Perforating, in line and cross web
  • UV printing and varnishing

  • Cold & hot foil stamping
  • Screen printing
  • Embossing
  • Cast and cure 
  • Cut-and-Stack (sheeting and die cutting)
  • Security Features
  • Fan folding